It Is Never Too Late To Be Inspired

Saturday night I went to a holiday gathering where I was inspired to give one of my talents another try.  There were two women having a discussion about their interest and careers, and one of the women said, “I am singer, a makeup artist and a designer. I pretty much can do anything that deals with creativity.”  After hearing her response, it made me question what I would tell someone if they asked about my interest. 

As I was thinking about that question, the first thing that came to my mind was my talent of being a makeup artist.  I am often complimented when I wear my makeup and have been asked to start YouTube channel, so I thought why keep wasting a talent that I enjoy doing daily. I would always use the excuse that I did not have enough time, but I finally came to terms with how lazy that sounded and decided that night that I was not going to let another day pass without making an effort to give my career in makeup another try.  I know that once I start putting in the effort, I will succeed and doors will open.  

Sunday, it all began.  I created my first makeup look and posted it on my social media websites. Once I posted my makeup look, I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing I made my first step towards success. The feedback that I received was very uplifting and motivating. Below I have posted looks of my first makeup look which I call a natural smokey eye.  Leave comments on the look below.

I’m looking forward to creating more makeup looks, sharing more photography and writing coming in 2014.

A natural smokey eye using warm earth tone colors.

A natural smokey eye using warm earth tone colors.


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