Friday Night Bowling

Yesterday, my coworkers and I went out for a fun night of bowling.  Two hours of bowling, shoes, pizza and drinks was only $15. You think I was going to turn that down? No.

Bowling with my coworkers.

Bowling with my coworkers.

It was just earlier this week when our Creative Director sent a list around asking if we would be interested in going bowling this Friday.  After getting a good response from people interested in going, our Creative Director found the closest bowling alley and the cheapest group rate and booked the date.

 As this is my first job out of college, I have yet to experience what it feels like to go into work and not enjoy the people around me.  Our work atmosphere can be laid back at times and other times it can be really intense.  Our mix of personalities allows us to have a good laugh throughout the day but still be ourselves and get our work done. 

            “Gucci” and our “cheerleader” for the night.



    The cool dudes.


I think it is important to hang out with coworkers outside of work in a stress-free environment to be able to get to know them better.  Believe it or not, these people are cooler you think.  

Some of the highlights of the night were seeing one of my coworkers fall on the lane after rolling what he thought was a strike but really a gutter ball, seeing another coworker show us her “skills” she learned from her bowling team and having another coworker cheer on the crew in a few competitive games of bowling. Being that I love taking pictures, it was only right for me to capture our night.  

         October is breast cancer awareness month. Save the TaTas!

We all enjoyed ourselves so much that we agreed to go out again in two weeks for another fun night of bowling or shooting pool. I look forward to many more outings with my coworkers. 


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