Texas Attacks Women’s Rights by Closing Clinics

Abortion ChoiceImage Source by Google

As I was reading stories on abcnews.com today, I came across an article that stated Texas was passing one of the strictest abortion laws in the country.

This new law bans abortion after 20 weeks and will force closure to all but a few clinics that performs this service. The reasoning behind this law is that after 20 weeks the fetus feels pain.

After reading this article, plenty of questions have popped into my mind. First, whose right is it to determine whether or not a woman can get an abortion; woman or government? It’s one thing to ban abortions, which in my eyes should be left up to the woman, but to close clinics takes it to another level.

The realization is that clinics offer services that extend beyond abortions. It is not fair to close clinics that women use for other services in fear that it will be used for abortions. According to Guttmacher Institute, in 2008 there were 67 abortion providers in Texas. Why not just take the abortion services out of those clinics that perform them instead of closing them all together?

Both men and women receive services from clinics such as contraceptives, STD testing and cancer screenings. One of the main reasons clinics are taken advantage of is because of low-income and limited medical care options due to the high cost of insurance. According to Gallup.com, Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the country for the fifth straight year. This statistic shows that women do not have the support they need to take care of themselves let along a child and therefore goes to the clinic to get medical assistance.

Uninsured Residents

Image Source by Gallup.com

My second question is, would the government rather see women giving birth to babies and going to drastic measures of killing them and leaving them in dumpsters or just simply making the service available? Those are possibilities of women who choose to give birth to a baby they do not want. If a woman makes up her mind that she does not want to have the child and has no choice of abortion, she will find a way to abort or harm the child whether that be by pills or illegal actions such as murder or neglect of the child and even herself.

My last question, why must the government complain about people depending on the government for assistance if they are taking away personal rights that could prevent this dependence? If a woman can not support her child that she was forced to have because of banned abortions and closed clinics, she will be forced to depend on the government to assist her.

As you can see, this topic raises many questions and concerns knowing that the government tries to control your personal rights. It is the woman who has to make such a decision, so why take away her healthcare options that are more than likely already limited and force her to be a mother.






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